Water Heater Replacement

What does this service contain?

  • Removal of the old water heater and disposal at a certified refuse center
  • Installation of the new water heater
  • Supply and installation of 2 flexible pipes
  • Supply and installation of 2 angle valves
  • Installation of the non-returnable valve (NRV)


  • Additional hours
  • Supports for water heaters
  • Standard access is assumed and any additional/specialized equipment required to service your water heater will be charged separately
  • Civil works


  • 100% payment in advance
  • Missed appointments will not be refunded
  • Parts and materials are subject to availability
  • Quotations can be provided for non-standard sizes of the water tank that are missing from the above list
  • To maintain warranty validity, water heaters must be serviced
  • Water heater warranty claims are subject to 24-month periodic maintenance services as per the manufacturer’s guidelines (Serveu can provide this maintenance service at an additional cost)
  • Original warranty card and service report are mandatory in order to make any claims
  • The manufacturer’s warranty only covers parts, labor hours will be charged as additional

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