AC Servicing – Chemical

What does this service contain?

Let us eliminate the toxins and dirt that accumulate in the condenser, filter, and evaporator coil of your AC over time.


  • Visual inspection of the unit
  • Clean the air filters
  • Clean the main strainer
  • Inspect the thermostat and controls
  • Check the drain tray and flush out if required
  • Check the operation of actuator and 2/3-way valves
  • Clean the grills and diffusers
  • Coil removal, chemical clean and re-installation
  • Motor and blower removal for full conditional inspection
  • Clean the blowers and electrical terminals and reinstate


    • Additional hours
    • Spare parts
    • Asset or part replacement
    • Standard access is assumed and any additional/specialized equipment required for access will be charged separately
    • Any works outside the scope


  • 100% payment in advance
  • 30 days’ workmanship warranty
  • Missed appointments will not be refunded
  • Parts and materials are subject to availability
    • Prices are subject to unit types [Call 800SERVEU for details]

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