AMC – Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions shall be applicable to the AMC services provided by ServeU LLC (“ServeU”) to its customer(s)

Emergency Service

Emergency services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The emergency contact number is 800 737 838.

Emergencies will be classified as follows:

  • Heavy leaks & flooding, drainage system failure or water pressure system failure
  • Complete electricity failure in the property
  • Complete AC failure in the property

Non-emergency faults shall be attended on the same day or the next day, subject to the availability of the ServeU team.

Any civil, variation or additional work/ service requested by the client and not forming a part of this AMC shall be quoted separately upon the client’s request.

Planned/Scheduled Maintenance

For Essential, Sure & Plus AMCs the frequency and planned maintenance included within the package will have been already stipulated prior to purchase.  

For custom AMCs the planned maintenance frequency and type will be selected by the customer at time of purchase.

In the event that the client fails, for any reason whatsoever, to attend at the address provided to ServeU to carry out the scheduled PPMs, at the scheduled time, without providing a minimum of 12 hours notice in advance to ServeU, then these PPMs will be considered as consumed. Any additional PPMs required thereafter will be charged at an additional cost.

Reactive Callouts

The client will receive as part of the AMC:

  • 5 x Callouts as part of the Essential package
  • Unlimited call outs as part of the Sure package
  • Unlimited call outs as part of the Plus package

*For custom AMCs reactive callout frequency will be as agreed.

1 call out includes up to 1-hour of labour only. Where the fault can be rectified within this 1-hour period, no additional charge will be placed, with the exception of any parts and/or civil/access works. If the rectification requires extra hours, or any civil, variation or additional parts, works or services, then this will be quoted for and charged separately, upon the Customer’s request and the availability of the ServeU team. In the event that the Customer fails, for any reason whatsoever, to attend at the address provided to ServeU to carry out the services at the scheduled time, without providing ServeU with a minimum of 12 hours’ notice, ServeU shall be entitled to the call-out amount of AED 135 + VAT, unless it has been agreed to reschedule without charge.

Commencement and Duration of the annual maintenance contract

This AMC shall become effective after 24 hours from the point of purchase, or upon commencement of services by ServeU, whichever is sooner.

No services will be provided to Customers after the expiry date of this AMC unless mutually renewed.

This AMC may be terminated upon thirty (30) days written notice by either party to the other party.

Upon termination, all fees prior to and after the termination become payable immediately. This shall also include payment for the thirty (30) days termination notice period if the AMC is terminated prematurely under this clause.

Materials, Consumables and Spare Parts

Consumables such as grease, lubricant oil, silicone, sealant, cotton waste etc. are included.

For Essential, Sure, Plus & Custom packages all spare parts will be excluded and will be invoiced based on material and labour used to complete the scope of services over and above the package price and will be quoted separately to the client if required.

Materials, consumables and spare parts are subject to availability in the UAE.

Liability for Losses and Damages

ServeU shall not be held responsible or liable for any losses of personal items / personal property when carrying out work at a Customer’s property.

It is recommended that the Customer has adequate insurance in place to cover any damage to the property or its contents, regardless of cause, including but not limited to damages resulting from any direct or indirect actions of the ServeU team, water leakage, fire, and/or malfunctioning equipment/systems.

Should any damage to the Customer’s property/assets be found to be attributable to work carried out by ServeU, the financial liability to ServeU will be limited to the value of any amounts paid out by ServeU’s insurers.


ServeU recommends that a home/property insurance plan is in place to cover any damage caused to the property through water leakage, fire, and/or malfunctioning equipment/system, and will support the customer with repair/remediation quotations.


If the AC, electrical, and plumbing systems at the property have not been maintained, resulting in their condition being sub-standard, ServeU will provide a proposal for initial corrective maintenance which will be required prior to the commencement of any work. These costs will be charged separately.


Initial payment for the AMC or any services provided by ServeU must be made before the commencement of services, via Credit/Debit Card, Online, App, Bank Transfer or Cheque, to be addressed to SERVEU LLC.

Payments for AMCs should be 100% in advance via Credit/Debit Card, Online, App, Bank Transfer or Cheque (to be addressed to SERVEU LLC), or monthly in advance using the customers registered credit or debit card.


Refunds of any amounts shall be at the sole discretion of ServeU and, in any case, be limited seventy percent of the pro-rated value of the remaining AMC term (after any applicable notice period).

Refunds will, at the sole discretion of ServeU, either be issued as cheques within thirty days from confirmation of the assessed refund value or as a credit value into the Customer’s ServeU Essentials mobile application wallet.


Customer shall allow at reasonable times agreed, access by ServeU employees and authorized subcontractors to the site for the purpose of carrying out the services, making arrangements for access and permits at no cost to ServeU.

Water and electricity required for any maintenance work being carried out will be provided by the Customer.

For all air-conditioning services, there must be a safe and secure means of access to all plant and equipment that requires maintenance. Any access requiring specialist equipment (including but not limited to scaffolding, hydraulic lifters, etc.) will occur an additional charge.

If destructive access (such as cutting through ceiling plaster or panels) is required for air-conditioning services, additional costs will be incurred by the Customer.


ServeU provides 14 days warranty on workmanship provided to fix faults

ServeU provides 30 days warranty on workmanship provided to install items supplied

For items supplied by ServeU, warranty is limited to the manufacturer’s warranty ONLY, and will not cover any services required in connection with the servicing or replacement of the item, unless such amounts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Items and activities that are specifically excluded from the scope of this package are:

  • Any other system or service not mentioned in our scope
  • · Any addition or upgrade to existing systems
  • · Any rectification or modification to correct design, construction, erection or commissioning faults
  • · Any common area systems, or associated faults or damages.
  • · Rectification or replacement of any faults existing prior to purchase.
  • · Modification and or insulation work for piping, ducting and internal duct cleaning
  • · Replacement of water or drainage lines in shafts, air wells, water pumps, pressure vessels, bladders, water tanks etc.
  • · Replacement of major components of systems under maintenance (e.g. entire air conditioning units, electrical distribution boards, entire water pumps, water tank, water heater, etc.)
  • · Replacement of complete light fittings
  • · Roof or basement leakage due to water proofing failure of the structure
  • · Water heater periodic maintenance/anode replacement
  • · Water tank cleaning and testing
  • · Landscaping
  • · Home appliances
  • · Audio visual equipment
  • · Automation systems
  • · Building management system (BMS)
  • · Data and related components
  • · Generators
  • · Chilled water piping insulation
  • · Chilled water pumps
  • · Coil cleaning, disinfection, and duct
  • · Swimming pools, plant rooms, water features and fountain systems
  • · Garden sprinkler/Irrigation systems and associated pumps and equipment
  • · Closed circuit television security systems (CCTV)
  • · Security access control systems
  • · Public address or intercom systems


The Customer shall indemnify ServeU, its employees, affiliates, officers and directors, against its legal liability in respect of personal injury sustained by the staff of ServeU or any other person arising out of or in the course of or caused by the performance of the service unless caused due to any act of default or negligence of ServeU, its staff, agents or others for whom it is responsible.

ServeU shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, expense, cost, loss or loss of use, delay or claim or liability, howsoever arising, out of the performance of the services provided to the customer or due to any cause beyond its control or due to breakdown or periodic shutdowns, unless such loss or damage is caused directly by the willful misconduct or gross negligence of ServeU or its employees performing the service.


This AMC shall be governed and be construed in accordance with the laws of emirate of Dubai and the applicable federal laws of United Arab Emirates. Any disputes arising between Customer and ServeU under this AMC shall be referred to the courts of Dubai for final adjudication.

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